How to become successful in MLM marketing?

How to become successful in MLM marketing: In today's time, everyone knows about MLM Business and any of your related MLM Business will be doing. If you have joined MLM Business or want to join MLM Business, then this question will definitely come to your mind that"how to become successful in MLM marketing?"

How to become successful in MLM marketing

How to become successful in MLM business

When we go to a seminar of an MLM company, the big leaders tell us a lot about the MLM Business. People are earning so much from MLM Business, they have earned so much in such a short time, by joining MLM Business, they bought a luxury car, and is it possible while doing jobs? , Explain much more.

Big Leaders tell us this much but do any Leader tell us how many years of hard work he has been able to succeed in MLM Business or how much he has added 1000 people in his downline? "No no", this leader tells us as if MLM Business is connected today and tomorrow we are going to become millionaires. Nobody tells us that after joining MLM Business you have to work so hard, then you will be able to succeed.

It is bitterly true that more than 99% of people in MLM fail and there are many big reasons behind it. But by taking the right steps, we can improve our success rate. To succeed in Network Marketing, before starting it, there are some things to be kept in mind, which no one tells about.

By choosing the right MLM company, you can avoid the pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme. MLM is legal and the right way to earn money, but if you work hard at the Best MLM Company. It is a big mistake to consider MLM as a way to get rich quick, in fact, it is necessary to work hard for a few years, only then the result is seen.

We did a little research about MLM Business and what the big MLM Leaders have adopted in their MLM Career. We will talk about all these in detail. Here you have told me some tips to succeed in MLM Business, which is going to help you to make MLM Career good.

20 Tips for Success in MLM Business

In MLM Business, it is important to have skill in you, but how do we first choose a good company for MLM Business. They know.

1. How to choose the Best MLM company?

To get success in MLM Business and to make MLM Business Career it is mandatory to choose a good MLM company. Only a good MLM company and MLM company business plan will make you successful.

MLM and network marketing companies are growing in number in India. There are thousands of companies from India and abroad, who are rapidly increasing their network marketing empire in India. In such a situation, those who step into the world of MLM get upset that which MLM company is associated? How to choose an MLM company? What is the best network marketing company?

When someone joins an MLM company for the first time, most of the time they join the MLM company of the person who gets introduced to MLM. But when MLM is tested and the first company is not satisfied, then a better and balanced MLM company is sought.

There are a few things to choose the best MLM company, which we should see about MLM company. Today they are telling the same parameters in points, so how to choose the best MLM company? You will get an idea of ​​it.

View Company Products

  1. The most important thing to see in an MLM company is the product itself.
  2. Product quality should be good.
  3.   Product demand should be high.
  4.   Product price should not be high.
  5.   The product must be economical.
  6.   The product should be such that people use it and ask for it back.
  7. And the product is sold without much marketing.
  8.   It is also important to have a good market value for the product.
According to the same India, the product will be economical at a low price, only then it will be easy to market it.

Investment / Joining Fees

Investment and investment Many companies ask for joining. If the MLM company is taking too much money to join, then it could be an illegal legal Ponzi or pyramid scheme. MLM companies operate on a product basis. If the company is taking money for an economical product, then you can use that product and collect it. But higher joining fees have been a disadvantage for most MLM actors.

Therefore, do not join anyone who asks for more money. Rather connect with a product-based company. Why you can use the product yourself. More investment companies come in CIS (Collective Investment Scheme), which is not legal.

Company fame

The fame of an MLM company is very important to your success. MLM company should not be so famous, that wherever you go. Their people already know about its plan and product.

And do not even join a company whose other members do not find you in your entire district. With this, you will not be able to stay updated about your company. So choose a company that is not too old and is not even new.

Company income plan

The biggest principle of MLM is that in the beginning the income is not equal and gradually the income starts increasing. Every MLM company has its own business plan, in which they give direct and bonus income.
But now most MLM companies make their own units like PV (Point Value). These units have to be converted into Rupees and then income. Therefore, analyze the income of the company beforehand and see that there will be so much profit on this amount of sales. The same bonus should not depend more on income, pay attention to direct income.

Your leader and team

In MLM company, your senior team and the person who is connecting you have a big role because through them you will get to learn further and build your team. You can learn a lot from your leader and a good team will help you achieve success quickly.

So take care of Tim before joining MLM company, will give you immense respect initially. But many times they do not support later. Stay away from a company with such a team.

Company certificate

In today's time, people give prominence to company certificates like PAN card, registration papers to find a good MLM company. But this is not the right way. A company called Future Maker, which had all government documents, went scam of Rs 1200 crore.

Therefore, the document is not proof that the company will never fraud. If the company is not registered, then do not make any mistake on that company by mistake.

Company membership

Many direct selling associations like WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Association), FDSA (Federation of Direct Selling Association), IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) have opened. Of which IDSA and FDSA exist in India. Many companies claim that we are members of this association.

However, it is not necessary for any company to be a member of these MLM associations. Because some MLM companies make them together, which is not fair.

So if a company is good and is not a member of any association, still you can join that company without any care.

2. Skills for MLM Business

How to become successful in MLM marketing

Here are the skills and habits that need to be learned and developed for the network marketing business.

Connecting and Booking Meetings

The first skill to learn is to make connections with people. It is part of marketing. This can be done in many different ways such as talking with friends and family or connecting with people who are not in your immediate network. It can happen face-to-face or over the telephone and at first, you will probably feel uncomfortable. This is normal and just remember that it gets easier and easier over time. The goal is to set a time where you can show people a business presentation and let them decide whether it is good for them or not.

Presenting the Opportunity

The next skill is the ability to share Opportunities for Business. This varies from company to company but is usually done through a 20-minute business presentation. Most people do not have the habit of giving presentations in front of people, again and again, this will make you feel uncomfortable at first. It also gets easier over time, until you wonder how it ever scares you. Just remember, you are showing people a way to improve their lives.

Following up

Remember this saying, "Follow up is luck". It is a fact that most people are not directly involved in this. This is because on average, people get about 7-10 touchpoints from people who feel comfortable about starting it. This is a business. This means that you are in the habit of keeping in regular contact with people and advancing them with Stages. It takes practice, patience, and organization. Most people are not able to go straight and are fine.

Sponsoring and Launching

The next skill set to develop is being able to launch your New Business Partner and enable them to grow and grow in the fastest possible time. It is normal for people to experience fear when it first starts because they have just taken a leap of faith. We all go through this. To help you achieve maximum speed, you have to reach the front of your new advisory network. This is the fastest way to grow both of your businesses. But it gets easier the more you do it.

Training and Coaching

Once you have a new Consultant, it is time to teach them what you know. It is all about taking them through basic training and helping them overcome obstacles and become successful. Now your "Business Coach" is helping them through their problems and keeping them on the road to success. It is very rewarding that people see and grow people they always knew they could become.

Goals, Planning, and Time Management

Goal setting, planning, and time management is an important skill in business that needs to be learned, practiced, developed and mastered. Like all other Skil Sets, this is something we do not learn in school. It is a thing that we have to learn and work on every day, week, month, and year continuously until it becomes a habit. The good news is that after 3 months of practice when it is a new habit, it becomes as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning.

Personal development

Personal development is another important factor in success. Remember this: Network marketing is not difficult or easy. It is what it is. The problem is that when you first start it is one that is not very good. You have to work on yourself to become better. You have to work on your habits (bad habits). You have to work on your skill and confidence. I wish things were not easy, I wish you were better. The better you get, the easier it all becomes.

How To Master This Skill: Simple, do it 100x until it becomes a habit.

The final key is to start your business with the right expectations. Consider it with any other profession or competitive sport. It is a 3-year plan. There is nothing that you 'try' for only 3 months. Any person can be successful if they are committed to learning and developing these skills as long as they are good at them.

3. Add Active members only

Always add active/active people to your downline in network marketing, this will help you a lot. Most people try to get their friend or relative into this business, who does not know anything about MLM and how to do it, even after joining, they remain unfamiliar.

So always tell the prospect in advance, what they need to do in MLM and how much hard work will be required. This will alert them to work hard from the beginning or save you time by not coming to your downline already. An active downline may prove to be better than 100 inactive ones. So keep this point in mind.

Apart from this, always find such consumers in product selling, who take your product rules every month. This will increase your profit.

4. Target people

In the excitement of starting MLM, we often beat up everywhere and try to get everyone into MLM. But a lot of time and effort is wasted here. You should always come to find targeted people. Because you can add them to your downline quickly and they remain an active downline.

The target people are those who need the opportunity of earning and product strength like your company's plan ie MLM. To find the target people, make a list of the prospect, and assess who needs the opportunity like MLM. Then show them the first plan. This will save both your hard work and time.

To find product-based targeted people, first, understand the product/service of your company, then find people around you who need your product. You are meeting the needs of the targeted people, so they will say "yes" to you quickly.

5. Follow up

Of course, very few people say yes to joining MLM for the first time. In such a case, follow up is the only way to convert yes to yes. In the follow up you have to approach your prospect back. Often networkers do not follow up or do it incorrectly. While it is very important to have a good follow up.

Do keep these things in mind at the time of follow up.

  1. Do not pressure the prospect at the time of follow up.
  2. Follow up at the right time and opportunity, otherwise, your personal relationship may deteriorate behind the MLM promotion.
  3. Follow-up may have to be given more than once.
  4. Follow up the last time keeping in mind the factors of saying "no" to the prospect.
  5. In the follow-up, the prospect asks inverted questions, so be prepared beforehand.
  6. Before follow up, understand the needs of the front and demonstrate them by linking them to MLM.
  7. If the prospect does not ask to be added to this follow-up, then understand their need for the next follow up.

6. Do not give false information

MLM is the business of the people and relationship building is very important here. It is very important to always have trust in the relationship. But many people start the MLM in the opposite direction, that is, they speak Judith. Many leaders grow the network by giving false information and misleading people.

Apart from this, do not promote MLM with motive and coercive promises. Because it will bring people into your network right now, but after a while, it will show its wrong effect. People will be abusive to you and in the end, your personal relationship will also deteriorate.

So always give correct information and educate the people around you. This will give you better results and success in the long run. If you still adopt wrong methods, then you may face legal proceedings and even jail in violation of the Direct Selling Guidelines.

7. Make a List

More than 80% of the people coming in MLM Business or Direct Selling Business do not make the list. If you create a list, you join the category of 20% of Network Marketing or Direct Selling Business as soon as you make the list. After falling into the 20% category, you are already separated from the crowd, which indicates that you are very serious about your business.

You can start making a list with your friend, relative, or neighbor. Think of how much the network marketing industry is growing day by day and if you do not include your friend, relative, or neighbor in the list, then maybe you join someone else in the other team in your company. Will do, can not do anything.

If you start making your list with these people then there is a lot of possibilities to grow in your business. If you do not do this, then someone else will join your own people, which can cause great harm to you.

Whenever you make a list, always try that your list should be very large. The list should include at least 300 to 500 people. According to one statistic, a 20-year-old man remembers the names of at least 2000 people.

Think yourself, if 10 people, 15 people, or 20 people are included in your list and you call them in the meeting, they come to the meeting and refuse to see your business plan directly. What will be lost on you

If your list is very big, then you will have great ease in sorting good people from it. So always keep in mind that your list should be very big, the bigger your list, the greater your chances of success.

To select the right people from your list, you can divide the list into three parts.


In this list, you should include all those people who are very much connected to you or you trust them the most. Like all your friends, all relatives, and neighbors, you can include all these people on the hotlist.

Warm list

In this list, all of you have to include those people with whom you sometimes talk, such as people who study with you or people who work with you, you talk to them very rarely. Can include in the list.

Cold list

In this list, all of you have to include people whom you never talk to - such as social media friends, a distant relative, or a distant neighbor.

8. Tell people the Business Plan

You made a list of people, invite people from those lists, and tell your business plan. If you cannot explain, then get help from one of your seniors. These three ways you can tell your business plan to the people.

One to one - The person whom you want to tell the business plan, tell them together.
Group meeting - If you can tell the business plan well in the group, then do a group meeting.
Event meeting - Take your guest to the company's inventory. This allows people to see and understand very important things. A trust awakens inside the people, from which they join very quickly.

9. Get Startup done

Get your client started when they join. Once again explain the business plan, tell the benefits. Many times it happens that we told someone a business plan, explained it well, followed up and that person joined. Now we think that it has understood the entire business plan, but it does not happen. Once again explain the business plan to him and also tell him how to explain the plan to someone else, only then he will be ahead with you.

10. Attend Meeting & Seminar

All the meetings, seminars, workshops and training in your company, you have to attend. If you will not be ready to learn, you will not be ready to break your comfort zone, you will not be ready to go to Training & Meeting, then this business cannot give you anything. So you have to Attend all Meetings & Seminars.

11. Be Prepared For New Guys

Before you meet any new member, keep yourself ready, to make a good team, you have to prepare beforehand. Especially whenever we meet the New Member, then we have to prepare and keep in mind that what questions can be asked in front of us.

You should have the answer to every kind of question, in how long you have to complete your business plan or presentation, how to explain it, how to answer the questions that the person in front will do. Always keep ready the answers to the main questions that you have.

Centenary Your dress: Keep your clothes absolutely furnished so that the new members can be impressed by seeing you because "The First Impression is the last impression"

12. Meet new Guys with Confidence

How to become successful in MLM marketing?

Meet with new people with confidants, whenever we meet with someone, we have to meet with the whole confidant, by seeing our confidences, the frontman gets ready to join us. He sees that there is so much confidence in you, then we can succeed by doing this work by joining with them,

So before we meet any new member and after the meeting, we have to keep ourselves with 100% confidence, and put your business plan or your presentation in front of the new member or new people with complete confidence.

 Always keep in mind that before starting anything or plan, you should be fully aware of the business plan of that company itself. For this, you need to study your plan very well.

Only then you will be able to explain well to the front and will be able to join them in your team. You will be able to clear whatever question you have regarding the business plan. Study your business plan well in advance.

13. Make Him Comfortable

When any new person is with you, make him feel comfortable and relax and you are no stranger to him, he does not know what will happen or what will be told, so you try to make him comfortable.

You can share your personal things with them to make them feel comfortable. By that you can make a good relationship so that you will become a good relationship with them so that they will be able to understand your things easily.

14. Explain Opportunity Plan With Proudly

Explain the Opportunity Business Plan with pride.

No person would like to join any Ordinary Company or Ordinary Plan. The plans of the company or company are special or orderly, it depends on the way you make your presentation, how you are showing your plan in front of people.

The more proudly you give your business plan to the front, the more you will want to connect the front with your company's plan. Always remember that you can always get up to 90% negative results in the special network marketing in the marketing line.

If new people do not join you, then do not get upset by this, reduce your confidence, because the result which is up to 10% is enough for your work.

15. Be a Friend Not boss

Whichever person you are or your team member or new member, treat them like a friend, especially treat new people like a good friend.

To assure him that you will support him in doing this work, you will help him to do this work whether it is in increasing sales or in giving a plan to a member or in building a team.

You will support them and help them, on doing this, that member will stay with you for a long time and soon he will become a good leader like you.

16. Involve in the Work

If the new member is with you, then invite him with you whether you are giving a sales presentation or talking to someone about the business plan, if that new member is not joining you then stop and talk for 2 minutes. Do it because he also has to do the same thing next.

If he does not join the work with you, then soon he will feel bored and he will leave the work so stay connected with him. Whatever work you are doing, whether you are giving a plan to someone or talking to someone related to business, keep him involved with you.

17. Give Him lots of example of success

Give him many examples of success. When you are telling your business plan to a new person, during that time, tell him about the success of your company or people with you.

Tell their background, tell their success story, and make them believe that they too can be successful by doing this business, they can get success-on.

Introduce with seniors and colleagues

Meet him with your seniors and workmates, when the man is ready to join you or even 50% Convention, then he must meet his seniors and his workmates.

This will put a positive impression on him that many people like him are working in this way. If you are unable to explain the business plan well or do not answer any question, then you must take out that matter in front of the senior so that he can clear it clearly which you have not been able to do.

18. Be patient

The reason for the failure of most people is that they are not able to be patient and do not work strongly. This happens not only in MLM but mostly in business.

You cannot expect good earnings from MLM in a few months. Here you have to spend 2 to 3 years of your life learning skills and network for MLM. Only then you get success.

The success rate of MLM is only 0.04%, ie only 4 out of 10,000 people succeed in MLM. So you have to do something that 99.96% of the rest of the people are not able to do in MLM.

19. Positive Thinking

How to become successful in MLM marketing

To be successful in MLM Business or something else, first of all, you have to make your thinking positive, because a big thing can never be done with negative thinking. You have to trust yourself, trust your company. You have to trust the company in which you have joined, then you will be able to succeed. Because you will not trust the company or the product of the company, then you will never be able to tell anyone else in a positive spirit.

If you do not have positive thinking, then you will not be able to join people in MLM Business. So, first of all, keep Positive Thinking.

20. Be Happy And Excited

If you want to build a good team, then first you have to be happy, whoever stays with you will be very Impress because today everyone lives in some tension.

Anyone who sees you will be the first to impress with your Happy Nature and where does it go.

Because of your happy nature, any new member will be able to put their problems and dots in front of you and you will easily know what the person in front of you is thinking.

Don't be too funny while you are happy, if you find it funny, then the person in front will make you laugh, so be genuinely happy.

The conclusion

I hope the post " How to become successful in MLM marketing? " is beneficial for you and will help you in making your decision. If there is any question related to our article, then tell in the comment below and if you want to give any suggestion, you can give it.

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